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There are four rooms, all equipped with cabinets and furniture. There’s a consultation room, a treatment room, a waiting room and a laboratory and all have their own air conditioning. Thanks to the IT infrastructure, remote treatment by a doctor is also possible. If desired, the attending practitioner can consult a specialist by videoconference. It sounds like a well-planned but not very special doctor’s practice. The only difference is that this practice has six wheels and can be driven from patient to patient.

This German concept called Medibus was officially labelled “a mobility solution that contributes to more participation and quality of life in Germany” last week. With this recognition, it won the German Mobility Award 2019. The mobile medical practice is an innovative project by Deutsche Bahn and built by VDL Bus & Coach. The prize was awarded by the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The Citea LLE-127 has been designed entirely according to the wishes of the customer, Deutsche Bahn. The 12.7-meter version is the longest version of this type. “It is not only the recognition of good cooperation within VDL Bus & Coach but also the development of a unique concept”, says Mark Francot, Managing Director of VDL Bus Venlo. “Tailor-made solutions have been delivered, down to the smallest details. The Medibus at Deutsche Bahn is a solution for an important social issue in Germany. It is great that VDL Bus & Coach can contribute to this. The concept is successful: we just received three new orders.”

With the mobile medical practice, Deutsche Bahn is responding to the challenges of an ageing society and a lack of doctors in training. The mobility organisation wants to improve access to the medical infrastructure in an innovative way. The elderly in rural areas, in particular, find it difficult to find their way to the nearest doctor.

About 270 start-ups, companies, associations and research institutes submitted their projects for the German Mobility Award 2019. The theme was “Intelligent in motion: moving people – connecting living spaces”. An expert jury selected the ten award-winning projects. The award ceremony took place in Berlin.