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Anyone who needs medicines must take them at fixed times. However, several medicines often require different intake moments and this makes it more difficult to remember them. Especially if you happen to be doing something else at the agreed time. With a ‘smart alarm’, TU/e-startup MedApp wants to solve this together with data company Sentiance.

Sentiance collects data from users and forecasts suitable moments for an alarm. MedApp’s smart alarm clocks will therefore only go off when the user is most comfortable. They, therefore, take into account times when the user is unable to take their medication. This means that data is immediately used to provide the person with appropriate care.

MedApp is a medical application that gives users more control over their medication. For example, users scan barcodes of their medicines and receive all the necessary information about their use. Later they can add intake moments to it, which creates a personal intake schedule. With the additional alarm clocks, the chance of good use becomes even greater. And that is necessary, not only for the patient but for the entire healthcare system: “The cost of non-confidence in therapy amounts to billions of euros per year”, says MedApp co-founder and pharmacist Pit Janssen.

MedApp guarantees the privacy of users. “The collected data is only used to optimize memories for users. Data will not be shared in any way whatsoever.”