The earlier opening times for breakfast-serving establishments (6 am onwards instead of 8 am) cannot be abused if they are to be abused for extending the night time activities, writes Mayor Van Gijzel in a note of clarification to the municipal council. It has already become clear that the majority of the council are in favour of earlier opening times for businesses serving an alcohol-free breakfast

Van Gijzel: “Given the occasional closing time of the Klokgebouw and Beursgebouw (of 7 and 6 am, respectively, ed.) and the potential “stop-outs”, I want to avoid a 24-hour cycle of activities. This can have many negative consequences on public order, policing capabilities and local residents. It is for this reason that I believe you should clarify the following points in the note. In the interest of public order and residential areas, section 6 is not intended to cater to members of the public after a night out.”

According to the mayor, breakfast “normally refers to the first meal of the day. Fried foods and snacks such as shoarma etc. certainly don’t fall into this category. It’s up to the business owner to stress that he is only open for (an alcohol-free) breakfast and nothing like that.”

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    UPDATEThe motion for the earlier breakfast time (see text below in Dutch) was passed on 12 May 2015 without the mayor’s addenda, but “with the confidence that business owners in the catering industry will act wisely.”

    All things breakfast in Eindhoven

    het amendement dat ook voor 8 uur een alcoholvrij ontbijt in de Eindhovense horeca mogelijk moet maken
    het amendement dat ook voor 8 uur een alcoholvrij ontbijt in de Eindhovense horeca mogelijk moet maken

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