Anouk Wipprecht
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Over a hundred makers will present their latest creations next weekend (Sept. 23 and 24) in Eindhoven. The Eindhoven Maker Faire is a creative festival for curious people, both makers and people who want to enjoy their results. Every year, it provides a taste of how the world of tomorrow is conceived and made. From designers to hackers, artists to software developers, and from futurists to recyclers, all these makers are happy to share their knowledge with the audience. If you want to start creating right away, you can build your own race car, program a robot, or 3D print objects; everything is possible. Meanwhile, visitors can marvel at giant robots and artful installations.

Innovation Awards

The Maker Faire is also the place where the Innovation Awards are presented each year: the GBO Innovation Award for Best Product and the Rabobank Innovation Award for Best Maker. For these, an independent jury selects innovative and creative makers who are developing as promising start-ups in the new world of tomorrow. This year’s jury consists of Jacques Gramser, director GBO Helmond, René Kivits, director of Insurance at Rabobank, Bert-Jan Woertman, director of Mikrocentrum, and Bart Brouwers, co-founder of Innovation Origins.

The Innovation Awards for Best Product and Best Maker will be presented on Saturday, Sept. 23, at noon, in Eindhoven’s City Hall.


Part of the Maker Faire is dedicated to FashionTech, where fashion and technology come together. Among other things, visitors can admire a remarkable dress by Anouk Wipprecht and other striking creations that explore the boundaries of fashion and technology.

Anouk Wipprecht’s mind-controlled 3D-printed dress is being shown in the Netherlands for the first time. This startling gown with displays that respond via a brain-computer interface will be the highlight of the FashionTech exhibition. The dress measures in real-time the cognitive load of the person wearing it. This means the dress shows how much stimuli and information the wearer processes at any given moment. The result sheds a fascinating light on the activity of the human mind.

The Maker Faire on Sept. 23 and 24 will take place at City Hall, on City Hall Square and the surrounding area. Tickets can be purchased on the website.