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To better serve its U.S. investors, partners, and customers, is moving its headquarters from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to San Francisco. This new focus coincides with the announcement of a successful pre-seed investment round worth $2.5 million. The goal of all this for is “the development of the ultimate sales AI.”

The investment round was led by CapitalT and attracted NoIon Capital’s angel fund, the former Salesforce EVP, and the former CMO of Zoom. is an all-in-one B2B sales platform that can use AI to find leads, scour the Internet for the correct information, and write sales emails.

According to CEO Steven Nelemans, previously known as the founder of Amber, the sales market has been flooded with sales platforms since the emergence of generative AI. However, most of these, he says, are reactive and deliver their value after interacting with a user. “To develop a next-generation AI platform, you need a proactive solution that can work seamlessly with your organization,” he says. Which can be done with Luna.

“ trains you as you would an employee. The onboarding doesn’t take six months; it only takes six minutes. Hundreds of companies have increased their commercial strength by adding AI salespeople to their teams with” According to the CEO, learns from all feedback and responses “and gets smarter with every email sent.”

Not just financial

The now-closed investment round not only brings Luna a financial boost, but the investors also bring a lot of experience. “Our investors have learned the ropes, led large sales teams, and used competitive products. The conviction with which they stepped into this round gives us even more confidence in our vision.”

The fresh capital injection will be used to develop further, expand the team, and build an enterprise-grade product. A key platform for this is the recently launched Command Center, where sales leaders can manage and scale their team of human and AI salespeople.

According to Eva de Mol, partner at CapitalT, is not about developing yet another sales tool. “’s mission is to change how we do sales, and we look forward to taking on this adventure with them.”