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Lifesense Group has received an investment of 3 million dollars from a Danish investor. With this, the company has now received a total of 5 million dollars in investments. “This investor provides the perfect match for our company,” said Valer Pop, Founder, and CEO of LifeSense Group. “He will support to scale and professionalize LifeSense Group, a key element in the company’s growth phase.”

The Eindhoven company LifeSense Group is the maker of Carin. This smart underwear offers solutions for women with urinary loss, for example after childbirth. LifeSense Group has developed both underwear with a sensor, as well as a training program for the pelvic floor muscles. Together with an app, Carin can track and control the loss of urine loss through the practice of pelvic floor exercises.

“Every woman knows that pelvic floor exercise is the best treatment for this problem. However, the biggest challenge we see is that women find it difficult to make a habit out of it. After the user tests that we have done in the past year, we found out that most of the women see major improvements after only 2 to 3 weeks training with Carin. This is the best reward for the hard work and time spent on developing this product,” says Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of LifeSense Group.

In November, a new version of Carin will be launched on Medica, the world’s largest healthcare fair. Based on user feedback, the company has improved the user experience, and Carin can now last for two years on a small battery.