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According to its makers, Laprixa is the smallest blood pressure monitor in the world. The device can diagnostically determine the blood flow in tissue. This allows wounds to heal faster. The Laprixa is a product of Corporis Medical. It has been developed together with Medanco (plastic injection molding in cleanrooms) in Veldhoven and AIM (manufacturing of integrated medical systems) in Brunssum. To accelerate the development of Laprixa, the three companies recently received support from the Kickstart Fund of Economic Cooperation South Limburg (ESZL). Earlier, there was funding via OP-Zuid.

A surgical anastomosis is a commonly used surgical technique to make a new connection between two body structures containing fluid, such as a blood vessel or intestine. Such a ‘bypass’ is a complex, time-consuming, and essential step in a surgical procedure. After surgery, the most common complication is an anastomotic leakage. At the moment, there is no tool that can help the surgeon to prevent this. The Laprixa should resolve this. Because surgical wounds heal better and faster when there’s enough blood pressure, Laprixa offers a quick way to determine whether good wound healing is possible.


By measuring with Laprixa, a surgeon knows which parts of the organ have sufficient healing capacity. This prevents the risk of leakage. Because the calculation of the so-called risk index is automated, results can be achieved within one minute, which also makes the device suitable for emergencies.

“Invest right now”

ESZL’s Kickstart Fund contributes to initiatives of collaborating companies that take advantage of the opportunities offered by the changes brought about by corona.

According to John Marugg, CEO at Corporis Medical, the new investment strengthens the cooperation between the three partners and the level of their knowledge. “It is precisely by investing in the production of the device right now, that the companies involved can avoid losses as a result of the corona crisis. Moreover, Laprixa’s research and development will not be lagging any further behind.”

According to Marugg, bringing the production of Laprixa to the fore is a way to continue the business activities and to retain work for the employees and partners in a sustainable way. The project management expects production to be completed within the next six months.