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Together with KPN, HighTechXL organizes a hackathon to look for ‘The Next Big Thing’ for the telecom company. On March 22nd, everyone can present and develop their ideas for KPN. The ideas that have a potentially large impact can be selected for a pilot project.

To participate in the hackathon, you don’t have to be an engineer. KPN and HighTechXL are looking for participants from all kinds of disciplines, says Judite Nogueira, Business Development Manager at HighTechXL. “We are inviting students, people that work at other companies and members of the community to join us on this day. We can learn from anyone that has an idea. KPN itself came up with the idea of opening up the question to anyone who wants to participate. “This hackathon will not be your typical hackathon, where the goal is to come up with a number of ideas and or products how to solve something, but rather defining the strategy for the biggest ICT operator in the Netherlands in a collaborative open innovation format. In other words, we are opening the doors to startups, corporates and the community to co-create this strategy and by doing so we create the opportunity for them to also have a landing spot for all their great ideas. We will ideate on global trends, how KPN will be impacted by these trends and with that define challenges that KPN will embark on in the future.”