Brainport Industries Campus
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With its contribution of ‘the wireless factory’, KPN became a member of the High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC), which is based at Brainport Industries Campus. The cluster revolves around the integration of hardware, software and network systems in largely wireless industrial environments.

The cluster consists of about thirty software companies and is part of BIC’s Software Competence Center (SCC). The SCC provides a place for companies in the manufacturing industry to gain insight into the changing role of software and to experiment with innovations.

According to Paul Cobben, sector developer at KPN, 5G Wireless factories are essential within the ‘factories of the future’. “KPN is pleased that we at the HTSC are working on this by cleverly combining innovative hardware, networks and software.”

The High Tech Software Cluster is strongly represented in the Smart Industry ecosystem (manufacturing industry), a focus sector for KPN. The cluster, which also has the official status of Smart Industry field lab, can help KPN implement a wireless factory based on 4G/5G technology. Cooperation between hardware, networks and software is essential.

Applications include concepts for localization, virtualization, digital twin, deployment of wireless sensors and relevant algorithms for predictive maintenance in the production environment.