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HighTechXL’s Pitch Contest has delivered known and unknown winners. The biggest unknown took the third prize (1,000 euros): VertiWalk is trying to devise a system by which it is possible to run vertically. Indeed, right up against a skyscraper.

No, VertiWalk hasn’t found a way to overcome gravity, but has figured out a technical installation to enable a verticle walk in every city. As a tourist attraction, or as a substitute for complicated elevator systems. The jury was particularly excited because of the innovative nature of the idea. “But we have to be honest: all this is not going to generate a lot of money within the next decade.”

First prize winner was AtoGear (smart sneakers), the second prize went to Team FAST, that is building a bus that drives on formic acid.

An extra prize went to EWASTE, a startup trying to extract valuable raw materials from old mobile phones and more importantly, wants to come up with a logical collection system.


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