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DutchAero, a daughter company of the Eindhoven based KMWE Group, will be building the F135 engine Nozzle for the next ten years. Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Corp. company, has awarded a new contract to KMWE Group to manufacture F135 engine Nozzle fabrications. The F135 engine is the propulsion system for the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II aircraft, the JSF.

DutchAero is specialist in exhaust nozzles since 1976 and this agreement positions KMWE Group well to become a key F135 Nozzle partner and signals a strengthened relationship between Pratt & Whitney and KMWE Group.

“Since over 40 years we are manufacturing the complex fabrications for the Nozzle of the F16 Fighting Falcon. We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with Pratt & Whitney, taking DutchAero’s unique aero-engine capabilities into the next era with this extended F135 contract”, said Edward Voncken, CEO of KMWE Group. “This long-term arrangement for exhaust Nozzle components for the F135 confirms the excellent, world-class competencies we have in DutchAero and ensure the growth of local high-skilled jobs. This contract complements our existing agreement signed in January 2016 with Pratt & Whitney for complex machined parts.”

As one of the original nine partner nations for the F-35, the Netherlands is a key contributor to the development, production, and sustainment of the F-35 program. The current program of record for the Netherlands is for the procurement of at least 37 F-35A aircraft.

“Following a competitive bidding process, Pratt & Whitney identified DutchAero as a best-value supplier for the nozzle fabrication for the F135 engine,” said O Sung Kwon, Executive Director, Business Development and International Programs, Pratt & Whitney Military Engines. “We are delighted to be working with the DutchAero team to enhance and strengthen our global supply chain, reduce costs and deliver world-class engines to our customers.”

KMWE Group is a supplier and partner for the High Tech Equipment Industry years and is a dedicated supplier to the aerospace industry for over 60 years. The Group employs over 550 staff in its facilities world-wide, with its Head-office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.