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Obviously, innovation programmes are part of a “Factory of the Future”. Because the Brainport Industries Campus itself is still under construction, the kickoff for these programmes took place in the Conference Center of the High Tech Campus. Commissioner Bert Pauli (Brabant Province, Economy) gave the go-ahead, after which the companies and project leaders of the innovation projects could give their pitches.

The aim of the innovation programme is to develop smart innovation and production facilities, using and focusing on the latest technologies and making them accessible to the entire sector. An accelerated transition to a ‘smart industry’ can thus be realized through collaboration in the high-tech value chain.

The program consists of 7 projects focusing on the themes robotics, digital information exchange, multi-material 3D printing, industrial metal printing, high-tech software, technical training and advanced production logistics. The programme has a total of about 75 companies and 6 educational and knowledge institutions.

The Province of North Brabant is working together with Brainport Industries on the innovation programme. Bert Pauli: “Companies, knowledge institutions, and government join forces with the Brainport Industries Campus to be able to accelerate the application of the latest knowledge and techniques in the manufacturing industry. This is an important complement to cooperation in the high-tech sector, which is of great importance for Brabant’s innovative strength and competitiveness.”

John Blankendaal is involved in virtually all projects on behalf of Brainport Industries: “The common thread is to do it together and to really implement the innovations, both on-site and far beyond. This continues to be a human work, and this integrated approach will certainly contribute to the final result.”

The facilities for the “Factory of the Future” are currently realized on the site of Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). BIC is a campus development of almost 200 hectares in Eindhoven North West. The campus is located near the A2, Eindhoven Airport, and the Beatrix canal and is part of the Brainport Park. The location consists of spatial clusters for high-tech companies in the supply and manufacturing industry, where the entire supply chain is represented and is also a new park area for the Eindhoven region.

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Photo: Bert Pauli and John Blankendaal, (c) Bram Saeys