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The Eindhoven company Luxexcel has received an investment of four million euros from Innovation Industries, a Dutch investment fund. The investment enables Luxexcel to accelerate the next-gen development of its 3D printing platform for prescription lenses for use in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications

The company is developing the technology for 3D ophthalmic lenses. This technology can be used in AR and VR glasses, says Hans Streng, CEO of Luxexcel. “AR/VR applications have become a hot topic in the industry.  We add the ability to 3D-print ophthalmic-quality prescription lenses to these applications. This enables the AR/VR headset manufacturers to offer fully personalized smart eyewear in an attractive frame design.”

In May, the company announced that it received an investment of 8,5 million euro. With that investment, the first industrial-grade 3D printing platforms will be installed this year in the USA and Europe. Nard Sintenie, Founding Partner at Innovation Industries BV talks about the investment: “We believe that with the technology of Luxexcel it will be possible to combine AR/VR applications with RX eye correction, which is an essential component in bringing smart eyewear to the mainstream market. We are excited about leveraging the high-tech network in the Netherlands to enable this unique breakthrough.”