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L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is launching a Digital Engineering Centre and office in Eindhoven. The centre will serve LTTS’s European customers and prospects better in their digital journey, the company says. With 49 innovation labs in India and R&D design centres around the world, LTTS specializes in disruptive technologies including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robots, Digital Factory and Autonomous Transport.

“The new digital engineering centre at Eindhoven will play a significant part in the coming years in charting the digital roadmap for the larger Eindhoven area. The company aims to serve its near-shore customers by developing services and solutions that enhance their end offerings,” said Gaurav Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Europe. “The centre will also play an integral role in boosting the local economy and creating new growth avenues through digitalization.”

Relations with India

The NFIA, Brainport Development and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) have been working towards building bilateral trade relations with India’s high-tech industry. “The opportunities arising out of demand from businesses for digital transformation have brought new cooperation between economies such as India and the Netherlands,” said Ruben Fokkema, Business Developer of Brainport Development. “Brainport has many connections with India, not only in engineering but also in health, robotics and more.”

Bus tour through Europe

In order to showcase its presence in the region, L&T Technology Services organised a special pitstop in Eindhoven last week as part of its European bus tour of innovation and collaboration. The journey began in Manchester and ends in Munich with a hackathon that aims at discovering new solutions for scaling Industry 4.0 and digital transformation across various industries and engineering the change for the next billion people. During a 5 hour stop-over, technical demos were set up, showcasing the new wave of LTTS prototypes that can transform businesses.

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS), headquartered in India, has over 15,000 employees spread across 17 global design centres, 28 global sales offices and 49 innovation labs.