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KOTUG has commissioned the world’s first electric pusher, powered by battery containers developed by EST-Floattech: a battery manufacturer based in Badhoevedorp. This pusher boat transports cocoa beans between Amsterdam and Zaandam. The container can store 2MWh of energy.

Why you need to know this:

Ships are big polluters. With electric pushers, we are taking a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable maritime industry.

The container solution provides the energy that enables the boat to travel back and forth between Zaandam and Amsterdam about three times. When the container arrives at the Cargill facility, the cocoa factory, in Zaandam, it is charged with green energy three times a week.

No more noise

EST-Floattech in a press release: “Our technical engineers specifically designed the battery solution inside this container based on the sailing profile of the E-Pusher for Cargill. This customized containerized solution and the emission-free sailing of the E-Pusher make a big difference. Starting with the people who live along the route, they no longer have noise or smell pollution. Emission-free sailing is also important for the scenic environment along the route. For the captain, it offers benefits as well: they no longer sit in the smell, there is no noise pollution from the engine, and it sails smoothly and fast.”

15,000 truck trips

The use of electric pusher tugs and barges is expected to reduce CO2 emissions during transport by 190 tonnes annually. This is equivalent to 15,000 truck trips of the same distance. The E-Pusher 1 will be powered by green electricity from the wind farm operated by Cargill and Vattenfall in cooperation with Windpark Hanze.