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More and more people are becoming aware of the challenges that the world is facing, particularly when it comes to the destruction and depletion of its natural resources. For this reason, several people have made it an advocacy to fight for the environment and preserve the earth. In this fight, the use of natural energy sources such as the sun’s power, are highly encouraged. Solar microgrids are revolutionizing the energy industry.

What’s a Solar-Powered Microgrid?

There is a microgrid, and there is also a solar-powered microgrid. Both can work autonomously to serve as a backup power system during emergencies. However, the latter consists of electrical loads, generators, storage batteries, and most importantly, solar photovoltaic systems. Obviously, the use differs from country to country, and according to the professionals behind California-based Sandbar Solar & Electric, the best solar-powered microgrid systems also leverage a natural gas generator to supply energy. Once you leverage this smart electrical system, you no longer have to rely on utility companies for electricity, which means that you will not be affected by power outages.

Components of a Solar-Powered Microgrid

The most critical component of a solar-powered microgrid is the solar panel because this is the part that absorbs the sun’s energy. The panel can be made from either a thin film or crystalline, among other materials. You also need to have mounts for the microgrid which can either be in the form of a pole or a ground mount. This energy system will not be complete without an inverter that will convert the direct current absorbed by the panels from the sun into an alternating current that you can use for your home. Other components of the system include a charge controller, as well as a battery bank.

How the Energy Industry is Revolutionized with Solar Microgrids

The energy industry is revolutionized by the use of solar microgrids because of the benefits that you can reap from it. For instance, when you have an alternative power source, you will no longer be affected by power outages because solar microgrids can disconnect from the main grid when the latter fails. This proves to be highly beneficial for hospitals and other large-scale businesses.

At the same time, the use of solar microgrids is considered a greener energy source. The reason behind this is that there is no need to burn fossil fuels emitting hazardous gases which are detrimental to the earth to produce energy. In this case, the production of energy is sustainable, with the local energy distribution even enhanced as the main grid congestion is reduced.

Solar microgrids are slowly becoming more and more in demand as several people now realize the need to transition into the use of renewable energy. For personal use, the key is in familiarizing yourself with the components of the system and how each will be able to help you reap the advantages you can garner from it.