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Not everyone is a kitchen prince(ss), but fret not. AI has already proven itself useful in the kitchen, from preventing burnt food to offering healthier alternatives. Let’s explore some promising applications. 

Why you need to know this:

Almost one in three Dutch consumers (29%) use generative AI tools in their daily lives. More are being added all the time. We highlight some useful options.

AI and nutrition

A fantastic dinner starts with a great idea. Of course, the meal should taste great, but it should also be healthy. Verdify, a Netherlands-based company specializing in AI applications for healthcare and the food industry, made an innovative digital nutrition guide called Noory. This tool lets you customize your daily meals according to your unique health requirements. Noory is specially crafted for those managing food allergies, digestive concerns, and weight control objectives.

Smart oven technology

Then: it’s time to start the cooking process! When was the last time you accidentally let something burn in the oven? If it happens often, perhaps it would be wise to use smart ovens equipped with AI technology. These ovens, such as the Miele Dialog Oven, understand precisely how much energy each ingredient requires for perfect cooking. It becomes possible to place meat and vegetables together in the oven, without any problem.  

Innovative refrigerator 

When we finish cooking, we put the ingredients we used in the refrigerator. Artificial intelligence in your refrigerator isn’t new, but fridges are taking it to the next level with smart solutions, like Samsung’s smart refrigerator. They can recognize 33 different products placed into and taken out of the device. On a screen, pictograms display the food items behind the refrigerator doors. You can manually add expiration dates, after which the refrigerator sends a warning when the date approaches. Companies employ deep learning for this.

So, why stress in the kitchen when things can run smoothly, thanks to AI? With the rapid progressions in the field of AI, we can all become culinary maestros to some degree—or at the very least, avoid burning our meals.