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In 2018, HighTechXL, the Maastricht School of Management and the High Tech Campus Eindhoven will start a new type of MBA programme aimed at the high-tech sector. With the start of this high-tech MBA programme, HighTechXL wants to respond to the growing need for leaders who can effectively connect technological and business innovations. The curriculum content is fully aligned with the major challenges in the high-tech sector and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Guus Frericks, founder HighTechXL:”HighTechXL is supported by major companies such as Philips, ASML, ABN AMRO and EY. We have a global network of high-tech companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. With the HighTech MBA, the circle is complete and we are the most powerful, most complete high-tech network in Europe. We offer an MBA programme in which candidates are fully immersed in all facets of the sector. Do not write a business plan for a case, but write a business plan for a company of which you yourself are a part of. Nowhere else in the world does this happen in such a realistic way and tailored to the high-tech sector.

The MBA course will take place in the new HighTechXL building on the High Tech Campus, where the accelerator programme will also be included. MBA candidates will be part of one of HighTechXL’s start-ups during part of their training so that they can learn what it means to be a high-tech entrepreneur.