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The high tech and medical industry is responsible for a large part of our economic growth, and therefore of our prosperity. It is now well known that this hardware-dominated world cannot do without software expertise, but good process control, reliability and project management are at least as important. Holland Innovative helps the high-tech and medical industry with this, both in projects on location and through training. In a series of articles, we show how. Today: Jörg Bewerunge.

After his doctoral research at the University of Düsseldorf, a career in science seemed obvious. But Jörg Bewerunge still had doubts about his career. Wasn’t he too much a generalist for the academic world, and the business world, well, how exactly did you get in there?

From his contacts with the expat community in Düsseldorf, he started thinking about a career across the border, and it was exactly at that moment that Holland Innovative came into contact with him. “The great thing is that all my wishes came together here: a broad spectrum of sectors for which I could work, an international environment and a place where I could always continue to learn for myself. I can say that thanks to Holland Innovative my world really opened up.”

On fire

Jörg Bewerunge

In 2016, he received his first assignment as a project manager, for a client in southern Germany. “From day one, I knew that this was really something for me. As a project manager, you come into a company like a firefighter: everything is on fire and has to be extinguished. But we won’t stop there: Holland Innovative not only makes sure that the fire is extinguished but also starts building up again. Creating new structures, training people and offering long-term solutions. We really feel connected to such a company.”

“And you know what the great thing is: when I’m in a company somewhere, I can tell my temporary colleagues everything I think is needed. Many others within such a company also see what I see, but don’t dare to say it because they are afraid of being fired or something like that. That’s the special role we have, and that’s what we’re brought in for, of course. And that also means that we can talk to all people: everyone is at our level, from the highest boss to the latest trainee.”

Bewerunge notices that he and his colleagues are often called consultants. “I understand that, but it’s only part of what we do. When we do a project somewhere, we work together with all the departments. Often the core is in the technology and the production process, but we also get our information from sales, management, support and often even from the customers of that customer. Where consultants often write a piece of advice and leave again, we don’t leave until we know for sure that our client’s employees can do it all on their own. That’s why the Holland Innovative Academy is so useful in our work. If there is a need for specific training within such a company, we almost always have it in-house.”


While Bewerunge was told at his start at Holland Innovative that he could continue to learn, he is now also putting this into practice. “In the first place, we are constantly learning from each other; precisely because we are all so different, that is possible. But in addition, I have now started a data science course at the Jheronimus Academy for Data Science (JADS) in Den Bosch. I already knew a thing or two about statistics, but that is far from enough for the future. Data is going to determine everything, and we’re going to see that reflected in the assignments we’re given. That’s why I’m so happy with the collaboration that Holland Innovative started with JADS. Together with our customers, we are going to turn that into real value.”