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Are you fit? Do you sleep enough? Do you know the difference between X-ray, CT, and MRI? How about your lung content? What does a minute of exercise do with your heartbeat? Can you work with an AED? These questions (and more) can be answered during the fourth edition of HealthLab, next weekend (17/18 March) at the Philips Museum. Heart Foundation, Longfund, and Korein are supporting the event. For the children, there are also healthy snacks from Philips Chef Martin Senders and from Korein’s food truck.

The Museum is packed with special stands for the weekend where you can get information and take measurements and tests related to your health. With a fitness card at the beginning of the HealthLab route, adults and children walk around the museum and record their data and results.

“An event in which health is central and where we focus on giving tips about what the visitor can do to be healthy themselves”, says director of the museum, Olga Coolen, about the event. “With HealthLab, we want to meet people’s need to want more and more control over their own health. New is that you can do a real pulmonary function test and that you can virtually try out how an AED works.”

HealthLab in the Philips Museum can be visited on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March from 11:00 – 17:00 hrs. To participate in HealthLab you pay the regular entrance ticket for the museum.