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The Eindhoven chat start-up TalkJS has gained new growth opportunities thanks to seed funding from the Brabant Development Association (BOM), Pioneers Ventures, and GGP. TalkJS provides customers with an integrated chat solution for their websites and mobile applications. Companies can embed their chat service into their platform to provide website visitors and app users with the opportunity to exchange messages. With the funding, TalkJS, which is based at Bouncespace, will further optimize and expand its chat service.

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TalkJS – formerly known as “Klets” – has customers worldwide. Hallmark, among others, uses this service. The funding will be used to optimize the chat service and to add new features. TalkJS will also expand its management capabilities, including extensive monitoring and analytical capabilities. The investment will help the company to stay competitive in a fast-growing market.

“Other providers of user-to-user chat services offer only building blocks that still need more design and development work,” says Joshua Schoenaker, co-founder of TalkJS. “Our solution is a finished product. Customers can integrate a complete chat function into their platform in a short time and without additional development costs.”

Customers of TalkJS are often online market places, social networks, and providers of collaboration tools. One example is Crowdyhouse, an online market place for designers. Visitors to the website can use the chat function to communicate directly with the designers themselves when they have questions about a product. The biggest benefit for companies is that they save a lot of time on their customer service because consumers and producers can communicate directly with each other.