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A Post-Graduate student at the University of Twente, Kristin Neidlinger, has presented her SENSOREE therapeutic technology at the Dutch Design Week’s “Mind The Step” exhibition in Eindhoven.

This new wearable tool animates the feeling of goosebumps and it’s designed to give the body a voice, self awareness, insight, communication and empathy. “We are an organic confluence of artists and engineers with a global network and we work with futuristic fabrics made from sustainable materials embedded with sensitive technologies”, says Neidlinger.

“The loss of awe-inspiring mood is prevalent in our society and many people are becoming self-centered and less concerned about others. To counter this situation, we embarked on this project so that people will experience awe with our wearable soft robotic fashions technology.”

The technology tickles the skin to experience the wow factor and bring the feeling of goosebumps and in this way, it enhances proximity, intimacy, telepathy, intuition, and humor between human and machine. A fine mix of fashion, art and science, the technology literally gives you goosebumps. And measures all sorts of physical signals in the process.

SENSOREE began as a research project to create wearable technology to augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition which ranges from ADHD to autism.
According to the Director, the bioresponsive animatronic skin amplifies goosebumps and gives the feeling of frisson and animates awe. The Breathing patterns are illuminated and when awe is detected, silicone inflatables express through the laser cut Kirigami skin.