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In developing countries, a lot of babies die from easily treatable diseases like dehydration and pneumonia. The equipment available in African hospitals often fails to work properly and there are far fewer nurses than what we are used to here in Europe. GOAL 3 is working on robust monitors that are able to monitor patients more effectively. A diagnosis can be made much earlier with the use of algorithms. That helps reduce infant mortality. At the moment, the start-up is working on a pilot in Malawi.

Read more about the idea behind GOAL 3 here.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Award is presented annually in 50 countries by the Entrepreneur’s Organization to the best student entrepreneur in that country. This global network of thousands of entrepreneurs seeks to accelerate the new generation with this award. “I am honored to receive this award. Running a start-up as a student is not always easy either,” says Schuitemaker. “The fact that we have now won this award means that other entrepreneurs are seeing the potential of our company. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Validation study

Schuitemaker will receive €10,000 and exclusive coaching. Additionally, he will get to attend the international finals of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award. The student wants to use the prize money for a business validation study in Africa. “This is already underway as desk research. In the second and third quarters of this year it will move forward as field research,” he explains.

The jury, consisting of entrepreneurs Nikki Wiesman (De Buurtboer), Bas Janssens (Great Communicators), Louise Verschuren (Wuzzon) and Laurens Simonse (Team Rockstars IT), praised Schuitemaker for his drive and the passion he shows when talking about the first product made by GOAL 3. They credit the GAOL 3 monitor with being a life-saving product.

Fair healthcare

“We are taking part because we want to tell our story,” says Schuitemaker. “We are committed to fair healthcare. We’re making new connections within an entrepreneurial network such as the Entrepreneur’s Organization. It really brings in a lot of new energy when we see that these entrepreneurs believe in us.”

Successful crowdfunding

The first pilot of GOAL 3’s monitor has been successfully completed. The start-up has made a second prototype based on these results. GOAL3 launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to conduct further research and validate their product. The entrepreneurs wanted to raise €250,000, but more than €400,000 has already been raised. The maximum amount to be collected stands at €750,000. “If we have more funding, we can hire extra staff. We can also enter into more partnerships with partners in Africa. This will allow us to move faster towards the next big pilot study,” Schuitemaker explains