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For exactly one year now, we have been presenting you with an innovative start-up every single day. You, our readers, have selected the start-ups of the week and month. Now the time has come to present the ultimate list of European start-ups. Innovation Origins is proud to present the Start-ups of the Year Award 2020.

This will be an all-digital event with some impressive speakers, great start-ups en new insights. The event will give you a unique view of European start-up and innovation culture. If you want to see the future, you need to see this event. As we always like to say, we are your sneak preview of the future!

Date: June 29th
Time: 19:30
Duration: max 90 minutes
Language: English

It will be broadcasted live on our Youtube channel.

Start-up of the Year Award is an Innovations Origins production

Innovation Origins is a fast-growing international news platform from the Netherlands. We report on the world of tomorrow – technology, innovations, and inventions that change the world and could turn it into a better place.

Spread across eleven European countries, we have a team of over 30 professionally trained and experienced journalists who specialize in various subjects. In addition to our staff journalists, we also work with specialized freelance writers and columnists who are affiliated with us because of their specific expertise. Articles appear in English, German, and Dutch, enabling us to serve our readers all over the world. This also ensures that we can achieve our goal of connecting innovative cities in Europe and the rest of the world.

Who will win?

For the past year, we published a ‘start-up of the day’ article every single day. Readers selected a start-up of the week and a start-up of the month from these candidates. Start-ups from all over Europe (check the map!) can participate. These are start-ups that have previously been at least Start-up of the Day at IO.

There is an overall winner, who will be chosen from the 12 start-ups of the month. 

In addition, there are 4 category winners:

Sustainable: chosen from the week winners
Energy: chosen from the week winners
Health: chosen from the week winners
Corona:  both direct corona control and innovations that reduce the impact of the pandemic: chosen from the day winners.

We can’t wait to meet the start-ups that stand out above the rest, as far as impactful innovative power is concerned. Can you?