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In three years time, more than 15,000 metal products rolled out from the 3D printers in the Additive Industries laboratory at Strijp-S. But now AddLab can be turned into a AddFab: Additive and its partners are ready to move to industrial production. From laboratory to fabrication.

In October 2013 Additive Industries opened the doors of AddLab at Strijp-S. Together with eight partners from the manufacturing industry, this joint pilot plant for 3D metal printing became a hot spot of additive manufacturing industry that can compete with the world. “The more than 20 engineers of the nine participating companies have extensive knowledge and experience in design for 3D printing, materials research, the 3D printing process itself and the finishing and testing of printed parts,” says co-founder and CEO Daan Kersten. “This provides an important basis for the application of these new digital production technology for the Dutch manufacturing industry.”

This week the AddLab program officially ends, but all partners want to continue with this technology. They will now focus on industrial serial production and scale-up of the capacity.

Kersten: “We are proud that we have achieved this level and could provide an important boost to this important technology for the future.”