De winnaars van de vorige editie.
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In a hackathon on Friday the 3th of March in Natlab in Eindhoven, VPRO Medialab will look for innovative storytelling in literature and poetry. For the first time, the final presentations of the hackathon will be open for public.

The Medialab organises a hackathon three times a year. Each time, they look for a media-related problem to fix. This is the fifth hackathon the VPRO will organise in Eindhoven.

According to the VPRO, the paper book has been declared dead on numerous occasions but still, literature has invented itself a new over and over again and people do still read. This offers an opportunity, the Medialab wants to explore through the hackathon.

The event will last for two days. At the end of the second day, which is Friday, the jury will select a winner.

The final presentations of the VPRO Medialab Hackathon on Friday the 3th of March in Broet Basement in Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500 will begin at 19.00 and will last until 21.30 hours. They are open for the public, for free, interested people can apply here.