het nieuwe ASML Experience Center
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The time when Eindhovenaren were able to marvel at the Evoluon to take a grasp of the future is already far behind us. And the creation of a National Museum for Technology – always on top of the wish list of the former mayor – is not yet in sight. But soon there is another place in Brainport where visitors can get a feel for the innovations that the region has become so well known for. 

ASML's Experience Center
ASML’s Experience Center

There is only one big difference with the Evoluon: ASML Experience Center, which opens next week for its own staff, will not be not freely accessible. And that’s really a pity, because the Experience Center offers a wonderful picture of the current and past performances of the chip machine maker. ASML’s Sander Hofman understands the astonishment but points directly to the area around him: “The Experience Center is located in the heart of our company buildings, this is not a public place like the Evoluon. We have to deal here with so many regulations, it just doesn’t work to also have all sorts of vistors coming in and out.”

ASML Experience Center

Moreover, says Hoffman, a visitor of the Expo also needs some explanation to really understand what is shown. Therefore, ASML has appointed special tour guides who know about all the details of the Experience Center. And other employees who can help in the cleanroom-like Maker Space, right in the center of the Expo.

 Maker Space
Maker Space

The Experience Center can not be characterized as one specific exhibition place. It is a historical overview of the development of the company (both ASML’s own machine parts as those from suppliers like Zeiss and VDL are displayed), as well as a showcase for the latest innovations (a complete EUV machine comes to life in a ‘real-live’ animation), as a place for makers. A spot so to see, to experience and to create.

In the next months the Experience Center will focus on customers, suppliers, schools and staff.