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Energy company ENGIE announced that it will build a battery plant on the site of the Maxima power plant in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The utility plans to invest €50 million in the project, which will come into operation in 2025. The plant will have a power output of 35MW and a capacity of 100 MWh.

The Maxima site combines a 900 MW gas power plant and a 32 MW solar park. With the new battery plant, the company plans to store renewable power and use it later, fostering renewable energy intake into the grid. Given the existing facilities, ENGIE can connect the battery plant to the energy grid.

Harry Talen, site manager of the Maxima power plant: “We are happy with this step and look forward to developing the battery park. However, the energy transition in the Netherlands requires much more significant steps, which we at ENGIE are also keen to take. The more wind and solar energy added in the Netherlands in the coming years, the more storage capacity the Dutch energy system will need. Current conditions, however, cause larger investments to be made outside the Netherlands.