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The national theme year 2017: Mondrian to Dutch design has also been kicked off in Eindhoven on Thursday afternoon. In the Evoluon, more was disclosed about the program in Eindhoven, that focuses on the bond the city has had with Dutch Design for 25 years. One of those activities is the exhibition EVO-LUMEN, which was also officially opened on Thursday. The exhibition is a collaboration of the Light Art Centre and the Evoluon.

This exhibition is about how light has been used in art and design over the years. Robbert Vissers of the Light Art Centre told more about this: “EVO-LUMEN is telling a story about light in all times. In a time in which light art appeals to more people than ever, the exhibition shows several forms of it, modern as well as historical. These days light artists are inspired by led light, which can easily be programmed to be any colour you want. That’s also what you see at a festival like GLOW, where there were a whopping 740 thousand people this year.”

“EVO-LUMEN tells a story about light in all times.”Robbert Vissers, Light Art Centre

In the Van AbbeMuseum there’s an exhibition about De Stijl, in which the work of Theo van Doesburg is central. According to Anastasia van Gennip, Business Director of the museum, he was looking for usable art for everyone. “Dutch Design is a logic consequence of this, we keep asking the question what the designs mean for the society and what purpose they have. Van Doesburg was always looking for the ultimate design and a better society. This idea was addressed by the museum together with the students of the Design Academy. In the exhibition, works of the students can be found, with the same search behind it as Van Doesburg’s at the time.” The exhibition at the Van Abbe will be shown from June 24th.


And of course, next to these exhibitions this year there is also the Dutch Design Week. This year the World Design Event will also be organised for the first time during the Dutch Design Week. Edwin Schenk, Chief Business Officer of the Dutch Design Foundation, gave an explanation about this international event: “We are going to give the year of Mondriaan to Dutch Design in Eindhoven an international character. That way we want to further internationalise the city. To achieve that it is important that we do that together. Together with residents of the city and designers, we will make the event a success.”


The city marketing organisation Eindhoven365 will do the promotion for the theme this year. Several cycling and walking routes though the city have been mapped with design as the guiding principle. Beside that, public space is used for advertising and a special City Guide will be made.