AI-generated image of a future Eindhoven Airport train station
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With the planned expansion of ASML at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) North and the long-standing desire for a train station at Eindhoven Airport, the discussion of a new local railroad is once again topical. This rail line could connect key locations such as BIC North, Eindhoven Airport, Meerhoven, ASML, the Maxima Medical Center, the High Tech Campus, and the city center. Such an infrastructure improvement could significantly improve the region’s accessibility, both internally and with the outside world.

ASML’s growth calls for better infrastructure

The Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) North in Eindhoven will become a home base for about 20,000 ASML employees. This expansion is part of a broader vision for the region, in which ‚ā¨2.51 billion is being invested in infrastructure, housing, and social projects. In terms of public transportation, ASML’s current campus is only accessible by bus, and the location of the new campus is also not connected to rail.

The expansion of ASML at BIC North provides an excellent opportunity for considering a new local rail line. This should be a kind of S-Bahn or Metro. This railroad would connect ASML’s new and existing campuses as well as other important locations such as Eindhoven Airport, Meerhoven, and the Maxima Medical Center. Such a network would not only improve accessibility but also be necessary for solid economic growth in the region.

Mogelijk traject voor een Metro- of S-Bahn-achtige spoorverbinding in Eindhoven
Possible route for a Metro- or S-Bahn-like rail connection in Eindhoven

Isn’t this the Brainport line?

Yes and no. The Brainport line, as proposed, is still basically a bus on a primarily free busway. Now, you can get to quite a high transport capacity with articulated buses, but you don’t reach the level of a rail line regarding space occupation versus capacity. And while a rail line may seem less futuristic than the autonomous pods of the Brainport line, rail is more efficient.

There is also a psychological aspect. People have more confidence in rail. This is visible at the failed transferium at the Aalsterweg. It is not visibly connected, and people from outside have no confidence that they can get out of here by bus or ever come back. Shiny rail tracks give confidence that there is actual transportation.

The need for a station at Eindhoven Airport

The discussion about a station at Eindhoven Airport has been ongoing for years. Brainport City conducted a feasibility study in 2017, but the complexity and cost of building a Sprinter station led to delays. Nevertheless, the desire for a station at Eindhoven Airport remains, especially as the airport grows. A new rail line connecting the airport to the city and other key locations would significantly improve current bus connections.

A new local rail line would not only improve accessibility to key locations but also contribute to the sustainability of the region. Encouraging the use of public transportation could reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Moreover, such a rail line would make the region more attractive for companies and employees, further stimulating economic growth. However, it is already highly necessary for the short term to enable the planned growth of ASML and its suppliers.

However, implementing a new local railroad would not be without its challenges. The cost and complexity of building such an infrastructure are considerable. In addition, the impact on the surrounding area and existing infrastructure must be considered. Nevertheless, the long-term advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially given the tremendous growth the region expects.