When Matador Network writes about “Holland’s Design City”, you know for sure that there’s a new nomination coming up: Eindhoven is, according to the platform, one of the top 10 creative hubs outside the United States. For clarity: the list has no status, but oh well, it’s always good to see that “our” message comes across.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-17 om 17.24.39“Eindhoven is an excellent choice for creatives”, the platform states. With a reason. As proof of that, reporter Yulia Denisyuk comes with a list of big upcoming events: The Go Wild Music Festival, Dream and Dare, Dutch Technology Week, Dutch Design Week and Glow. In fact, these festivals contribute to making the city “has recently been attracting creatives of all types”.

Of course Strijp-S also comes along, as is restaurant De Kazerne, “a first of its kind expo restaurant in the city center, where guests are exposed to works of design, experimentation, and art, while enjoying dinner and drinks.” Very different creativity Yulia has found at the High Tech Campus, “home to several restaurant concepts and shops and serves as community’s resource for budding entrepreneurs.”

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    Matador is, in its own words, the world’s largest independent travel publisher, with 12 million unique visitors per month. Which helps Eindhoven to get some new attention. Here’s the complete list:

    1. Santiago
    2. Tallinn
    3. Marrakech
    4. Reykjavik
    5. chiang mai
    6. Eindhoven
    7. Lisbon
    8. Waterloo
    9. Bangalore
    10. Istanbul

    Nice list though.

    (Main photo: still from video Niels Hoebers)

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