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Eindhoven is the Event City of the Year in the category above 100,000 inhabitants. Co-finalists Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Zwolle were left behind. Eindhoven takes over the prize from Rotterdam, which won the title last year. In addition, the GLOW Light Festival was awarded the ‘Innovation Prize’.

The timing was perfect: the prize was awarded on the day Eindhoven celebrated the event of the year: the PSV championship. This is particularly striking because last year’s winner (Rotterdam) also supplied the national football champion at the time: Feyenoord.

From the jury report:

“The winner is a city that proves its professionalism time and time again. The innovative character of the city is central and is also very well profiled. The variety of events on offer and the quality of the events is very clear. The city links a great events policy to space for experimentation and new events. The jury noted a positive exchange between event policy and city marketing while maintaining respect for the autonomy of the event organisers.

GLOW won the prize because it offered a visible platform to a group of light artists, who are also encouraged to explore new techniques. “The jury praises the festival for its high level of visibility in the public space and for the accessibility it offers to every imaginable group.”

Peter Kentie, director of city marketing in Eindhoven, received the prize on Monday in Rotterdam (photo).