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Several Facebook groups focus on internationals in Eindhoven. Expats help each other to find a new home, share the best addresses for drinks or groceries, and try to sell stuff to each other. And on many occasions, people from far away try to find out what to expect when moving to Eindhoven. This always leads to dozens of answers – and as many opinions as thinkable. A good example was the question Lili Cerckel from Lisbon asked a couple of days ago:

I have a job offer for Eindhoven and I’m really interested in moving there. I’m currently living in Lisbon which is a really lively city. I’m a bit scared to get bored and to be in a gost town at night. How is the city life and the night life? Many thanks in advance 

Pretty clear question – but as always, the answer really seems to depend on the person’s own experience. So Lili will have to decide for herself whether she believes Eindhoven is “the coolest place on earth” or “more boring than hell”.

A selection of the tips and opinions Lili received:


Stay in Lisbon. Here only Amsterdam can compare.


As in every place, it depends on what you like.. of course it is impossible to compare an EU capital with the small EHV but has some interesting things, especially the position and the international community! Come over for a weekend to feel the vibe, it is really personal!


Generally speaking, if you have good company and friends, you can also have fun here, and of course please weight also that quality of life and expectations in your future are much higher than in countries like Italy or Portugal.


It’s a rational decision to come here, it’s safe, the economy is very good, salaries are high (rents too) it’s clean, well organised but still relax, it’s a good place to raise kids, locals like to party and are easy going, it’s very close to plenty of nice cities (The Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Koln, Achen, Maastricht, Gent, Amsterdam, Brussels, even London, and Paris are not so far… but it’s not the most exciting place to live.


You can have a good job here but for a weekend u might want to go to Amsterdam or Brussel. There’s a Stratumseind in Ehv but that’s basically students and everything’s done at 4 am. You can not even grab a hamburger after the party.


You will get a better salary here (Eindhoven) and more job opportunities and you can live here and build something for you and for your life. In Lisbon, you will maybe survive, but not live. Nightlife, well if you are used to the nightlife in Lisbon then forget it, it’s totally different…


The town itself is nice and it’s plenty of pubs and restaurants but the quality is generally lower than other cities. However, the city is changing quickly and it’s attracting maaaaaaany expats but it’s still not easy meeting people. 
After 9/10pm you’ll find the streets as empty as during a zombies attack.


Well, it’s not a capital city atmosphere for sure. I used to love capital cities, and I realized that I didn’t actually need all the activity, noise and millions of people  It all depends on how big of a criteria it is for you. I still think there is enough for going out, and we have the longest bar street in the Netherlands. And Amsterdam is only 1 hour and 20 minutes away by train.

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