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With the results of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Eindhoven has found a new means to attract and maintain talent from abroad. According to the GTCI-research Eindhoven scores seventh in Europe for attractiveness to talent.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 00.22.56Scandinavian cities rank high on the list, with Copenhagen as the undisputed winner. The researchers conclude that magnitude no longer dictates the results in attractiveness, as is shown in Eindhoven. “The combination of a small, liveable, easy-to-navigate city with the presence of a world-leading industrial corporation has proved particularly powerful and compelling. It offers many skilled workers the ‘best of both worlds’ by situating them in a safe and family-friendly community – yet without exacting a cost of foregoing career and networking opportunities in exchange. Conversely, for the company this is a unique opportunity to present itself at its best along the aforementioned ‘business in society’ dimensions, by becoming not only an anchor of local employment but a virtual ‘hometown hero’ around which the bulk of the city’s not only economic but also social, cultural and philanthropic activities revolve.”

Councilman Staf Depla (economic affairs) of Eindhoven says the result is an important signal for the further development of the city. “The most important success factor for a region like ours is the presence of enough talent. Talent that grows in our region, but also talent that comes to our city from elsewhere. Therefore, our 7th position in this ranking is important. That makes good advertising. More talent will choose Eindhoven. We all benefit from that.”

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The list, which was announced on December 14 in Bilbao, was established by comparing the cities on six specific ‘pillars’. Everything revolves around the power of the city to attract talent. Depla: “Because of all the ‘golden hands and brains’ in our region, the enterprises and knowledge institutes are successful. To remain a success, we will continuously need new talents. The GTCI assessment can be of great help to attract them.”

The top 10 on a map:

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