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8 bikes are stolen every day in Eindhoven according to police figures that have been analysed by nu.nl. A total of 311 bikes are stolen per day in the Netherlands, the most being stolen in Amsterdam. The total number of bike thefts has risen from 109,886 last year to 113,779.

With 13.8 bikes stolen per 1000 residents, Eindhoven is just outside of the top 5 Dutch cities with the highest number of bike thefts. According to the figures from nu.nl, the most bikes are stolen in Groningen, where 17.2 thefts were recorded per thousand residents. Vlieland (17.1), Nijmegen (16.2) and Maastricht (15.9) also experience a high number of bike thefts per thousand residents.

20150605_125413 This information is based on the thefts that were registered with the police and, as such, the actual figures are probably much higher.

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