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Around half of the 315 million residential units in Europe have energy performance
ratings of E or worse. Retrofitting these buildings requires multi-trillion investments in the EU
alone until 2030. That is what Ecoworks is working on. The Berlin-based company has closed a €40 million funding round led by World Fund.

  • Ecoworks raises 40 million.
  • The company uses AI and other digital solutions to make the world of building more sustainable and efficient.

Ecoworks aims to reduce built environment CO2 emissions by offering renovation and retrofitting in a special way. The company has created an alternative to conventional wall insulation by developing a second skin for buildings. This can be easily added to the outside of homes and offices. Ecoworks’ facade elements are already equipped with integrated windows, insulation and building services. The company has been implementing its innovative solutions into an array of buildings in Germany.

AI and 3D scanning

The start-up uses a mix of AI, 3D scanning, and digital design, along with robots to make green renovations more efficient. They pick the right buildings with AI and speed up the whole process from contract to completion by automating every step through software.

Three times more

“The financing round was almost three times oversubscribed. This shows the enormous interest
in solutions for the upcoming European renovation wave,” says Emanuel Heisenberg, founder of
ecoworks. With our order book and increasing margins, ecoworks has the potential to become a
European tech leader in the construction market.”