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After his work-visit to Microlab, SintLucas, Enversed and VanBerlo, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was attending the opening of the new Additive Industries factory hall. After some speeches by founders Jonas Wintermans and Daan Kersten, it was Rutte’s job to unveil the new workplace of the Eindhoven-based company officially.

“As a little boy, I knew Eindhoven from the massive industrial sites, of course. I knew Philips, the University of Technology Eindhoven and everything around it.” Rutte said during his short speech. He continues: “We’re here at a company that didn’t even exist a few years ago and is already the fastest growing company in the region.”

Additive Industries, which opened its new facility at Strijp-T yesterday, specialises in developing 3D metal printing systems that enable the printing of metal parts for the aerospace and automotive sectors, among many other applications. “This new factory enables us to accelerate our growth and has the capacity to assemble and test 100 to 200 units per year.” says Daan Kersten, CEO of the company. “This is in harmony with our global expansion plans to grow to a top 3 position in our market.”

Factory hall

Earlier Kersten told Innovation Origins that the new factory hall, which used to be owned by Philips, has been renovated entirely: “It meets the highest energy saving requirements and offers the best working environment for the Additive Industries teams. We are proud to be able to move back into an inspiring example of industrial heritage where we have preserved the original architecture and combined it with a touch of modernity. This makes it a wonderful new home for us.”

Additive’s printers are unique; thanks to their modular structure, they can be delivered entirely to the customer’s wishes. This allows customers to decide for themselves how many print modules and lasers the machine should consist of. Since new modules can be added over time, the MetalFAB 1 is seen as an extremely future-proof investment.

Photo: Additive Industries