DDW Dutch Design Week 2018
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The seventeenth edition of the Dutch Design Week (DDW) has, seven weeks before the start, announced the first part of the program on the renewed website. The new central theme has also been revealed: “If not us, then who?

“Almost everything in the world is or will be designed,” says DDW director Martijn Paulen. “This offers opportunities, but also gives an enormous responsibility; to designers, but also to policymakers, clients, users and governments. The world belongs to us all. Designers also have a role in this: designers come up with solutions, create innovations, are progressive, make things tangible and functional. They look at their surroundings and the world and wonder how things can be different and better. Designers always have authentic and surprising answers to these questions. It is up to all of us to embrace and stimulate these creative solutions. Together we determine what the world looks like. We are all to move; If not us, then who?” That is also the theme of the upcoming DDW.

Website with design stories
Dutch Design Week has also built a new content platform in collaboration with the Hague design agency Vruchtvlees: a website that highlights year-round innovation, experiment and crossovers within design. The platform features background articles, interviews, news items, videos and podcasts. In the run-up to and during the event, the programme is central. At the same time, more room is created for tips from experts, including the ambassadors.

The ticket sales for the 17th edition of DDW started this week.