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On a stage in the back of the Seats2Meet at Strijp-S the Permanent Future Lab (PFL) is located. Eindhoven is one of the three locations for this nationwide initiative. Companies, preferably from the region, have been donating material that can now be used by both children and adults.

PFL-3The aim of all projects is connected to technology and all of its functionalities. For example, there is a model railway by the Eindhoven Model Society. Each mini-wagon has a number and by using spatial understanding and controlling the components, the visitor must get them in the right order. Not as easy as it may sound…

Also there is a micro:bit-like computer. This is a kind of printing board to which one can connect all sorts of sensors or lights. It is then possible to program the board. This is done through a program on your computer.


The creators of LEDbits – born in Eindhoven – contribute to the initiative. LEDbits consists of square lights of about two by two centimeters. The light is blue, but by playing with it, other colours start showing, as well as a different brightness.

'verkeersleider' modeltreinenAbout half a year ago PFL found its place at Seats2Meet. The local Modelling Society has donated one of its components. Especially for the Dutch Technology Week PFL opened an exhibition in the hall next to the lab. There are several cities in scale, through which a train slowly moves. All small towns have been devised and created by elementary school children from the Klimboom. The classes on the project have to operate the train all by themselves on the computer – as real controllers.

3D signs


From January, the children are engaged in their own mini city. Architects and builders have escorted them in the process. The children themselves came up with what is needed in a city. In a 3D drawing the children had to design all the components to scale.

All parts of houses, flats and even a factory was cut by the Eindhoven Association with a laser. Then the kids got the house, the flat or the plant parts. They still had to assemble the complete structure. Landscaping and decoration were also part of the project. Everything has been thought of: grass, trees, windows and self-operating lampposts. Visitors can operate the trains and ‘guide’ to one of the miniature cities.

Permanent Future Lab is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. More information can be found here. Even after the Dutch Technology Week the lab remains in place. The exhibition of the miniature city is for this week only. The opening times of the exhibition are the same as those of the PFL.