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The originally Japanese machine builder DMG Mori joins the other manufacturing companies at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). The agreement was announced today at the Hanover Messe, in the presence of BIC Director John Blankendaal, and State Secretary Mona Keijzer.

As one of Germany’s most important trading partners, the Netherlands is well represented at the Hanover Messe. In 2017, the value of goods imported from Germany was EUR 86 billion, and the Netherlands exported EUR 91 billion. Germany imports more only from China. This year, about 140 Dutch technology organisations will be presenting themselves at the Hanover Messe, including some 50 startups. “Innovation in the Netherlands is the result of collaboration between technology companies and scientific institutions”, according to the NTS CEOMarc Hendrikse, representing the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials.

Brainport Industries Campus is due to open its doors this summer. KMWE was the initiator, but several companies and institutions have now also announced their arrival at this ‘factory of the future’. Summa also starts educating students there directly after the summer. “The start of the Brainport Industries Campus is crucial for the position of the Dutch high-tech suppliers”, says Carina Weijma, member of the international team of the Dutch High-Tech Systems and Materials Sector and director of communication at the municipality of Eindhoven. “First, second and third tier suppliers who supply each other and the manufacturing companies mean business and efficiency for all parties. In particular, the demand for ‘golden hands’ and know-how through training must be met.”

Weijma: “The campus will have an attracting effect. And that is indispensable in the high-tech core of the Netherlands, which Brainport Eindhoven is. It means jobs, focus, and income. And even more visits from international high-tech companies such as DMG Mori.”

Mona Keijzer en Carina Weijma
Mona Keijzer and Carina Weijma

Main photo: John Blankendaal after signing the agreement with DMG Mori