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GreenTech Amsterdam, a leading trade show focused on horticultural technology and innovation, is currently in full swing. It serves as a global meeting place for professionals in the horticultural industry, including growers, breeders, and suppliers.

Why this is important:

Agriculture and horticulture need to become more sustainable. Innovations, such as robots and AI, can help.

The GreenTech trade show serves not only as a showcase for current innovations but also as a forum for discussing future trends in agriculture. With topics such as energy transition, data integration, and sustainable horticulture on the agenda, the event highlights the industry’s direction toward more environmentally friendly and technologically advanced practices.

Consortia and companies

RoboCrops, a leading consortium in the greenhouse horticulture sector, is presenting its latest developments in agricultural automation at GreenTech in Amsterdam.

Several companies will also be present, such as 30MHz: a high-tech horticulture company based in Rotterdam. The data platform offers growers and cultivators worldwide insight into the climatic conditions of their crops. The platform analyzes information coming from various data sources, including climate computers, sensors and manual inputs. By visualizing the data, farmers and growers can manage their cultivation processes more effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

The fair also attracts companies from abroad, such as 4AG Robotics from Canada, which focuses on robots that pick mushrooms.