He is a proud ambassador for the Dutch Technology Week, but with Amber Mobility he can also be found at the Dutch Design Week. Of course, says Steven Nelemans, CEO and Co-Founder of Amber. “People need to learn to look at a car in a different way.”

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Amber One
Amber One

“Beautiful things are happening in this region and the DTW is a wonderful opportunity to show this to everyone.”

Amber is a technological and social initiative with great ambitions. Which means that Nelemans has a lot to tell the Design audience. During DDW the prototype of his car covers a spot in the Klokgebouw. “Amber Mobility wants cars to be much more efficient, which we organise through the Guaranteed Mobility program, in which people do not own cars and still can count on availability of mobility. As part of this mobility transition, people will have to look at a car in a different way; even if it is the everyday product people want it to be now. Amber provides the insight that the daily mobility needs will not be compromised when you don’t own a car anymore. Hence, the exhibition in the Klokgebouw – under the title ‘a different look at everyday objects’ – reflects a beautiful connection with our vision.”

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    “An event in which large technology companies and startups will present themselves to the audience and show their technical innovations”

    The next Dutch Technology Week will be from 15 to 20 May. It still takes a while, but preparations are already in full swing. Reason enough to take very good look at the highly successful ‘sister event’ – the Dutch Design Week – for inspiration. Nelemans: “The DDW attracts enormous numbers of visitors, especially people who come to the exhibitions taking place in Eindhoven. A similar idea would be interesting for the DTW as well. This might be an event where large tech companies and startups will present themselves to the audience and show their technical innovations. This can also be a way for Eindhoven to generate publicity outside the technical world. Beautiful things are happening in this region and the DTW is a wonderful opportunity to show this to everyone.”

    Next May, when the Dutch Technology Week takes place, Amber will be quite a bit further in its development. DTW-visitors will certainly notice, Nelemans promises. “The coming months we will continue to grow by adding more companies in the Eindhoven region to our Corporate Mobility program. During the DTW we will operate with multiple hubs, so DTW-visitors will certainly be able to see our cars move around Eindhoven. In addition, Amber Mobility organises its own event during the DTW, where all visitors can get acquainted with the concept.”


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