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Delta Diagnostics, a Dutch start-up in label-free, multiplexed biosensing, has secured Series A funding of €5.25 million. The round was funded by a consortium of four investors: i&i Biotech FundOost NLInnovationQuarter, and PhotonDelta. The investment aims to fuel the company’s vision of making rapid, sensitive, and low-cost biosensors accessible to all. 

Delta Diagnostics is a TNO spin-off that simplifies biosensing, and the detection of biomolecules, using photonic integrated circuits. This cost-effective method accelerates Life Sciences research and enables multiplexing to analyze multiple biomolecules simultaneously. 

Bart de Boer, CTO of Delta Diagnostics: “Today’s scientists need more answers, faster. We create highly-sensitive label-free biosensing instruments enabling our customers to accelerate their research tremendously.” 

“Securing Series A funding marks a significant milestone for Delta Diagnostics, validating our technology and our vision to create multiplexed biosensing,” says Guy Dewil, CEO of Delta Diagnostics. “We are grateful to our investors for their support and strongly believe in our mission. This investment will accelerate the launch of our first product. It will unlock the full potential of our biosensing technology to drive discoveries in Life Sciences.”  

“We are thrilled to accompany Delta Diagnostics in developing such a promising cutting-edge biosensing technology for the industry and academic research,” says Karel Kubias, Partner at i&i Biotech Fund. “We firmly believe that Delta´s technology can effectively improve the biosensing arena significantly.”  

With initial funding from TNO and UNIQ, the company has grown into an experienced team. The Series A funding will propel the company forward as its first product launch approaches. This will enable the company and its key partners from the Overijssel region to further develop next-generation biosensor systems for real-time biomolecule detection in samples.