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During Dutch Design Week, E52 will be introducing you to the festival’s hidden gems. Nine special designers who we believe are the stand-outs of this edition. The hidden gems serie will be published as of tomorrow. Today we talk with Katja Lucas about the selection and the new DDW bike tour.

Lucas is Dutch Design Week’s Programme Director. Two years ago Robert van Rixtel from Dutch Design Daily approached her with the idea of highlighting a number of special designers during DDW. The idea took shape through a collaboration with e52.

The theme of this year’s DDW is ‘The making of’…

“We want to pay homage to the designer and the design process. Through ‘The making of’ we promote and appreciate both the research process and the end results. DDW doesn’t just offer a look behind the scenes, it also offers a preview.”

How is this theme relevant to the Hidden Gems?

“Some of the designers we selected literally take their workplaces with them, such as De Onkruidenier (“The Weedgrocer”), who takes his mobile field kitchen to the Bergmannkerk. There you can see and taste how unwanted plants can serve another function. Other designers allow you to experience upcoming developments. At the Hyperspace Collective at the Effenaar, for instance, you can test prototypes of virtual and augmented reality applications that are in the making.”

How did you select the Hidden Gems?

“I went for a combination of small-scale projects and substantive designers in special locations. I think visitors are in for a surprise. You really take something back home with you that provides new insights. It’s not so much about shopping with your bag as it is about shopping with your head.”

And this year there will be a bike tour?

“Yes! Twice a day, in fact. In the morning there’s one from the city centre to Piet Hein Eek, where there will be a number of special designers again this year. In the afternoon a tour will leave from the city centre and head east towards the NRE premises and Sectie-C. These locations alone are worth a visit. The guide will also offer a lot of information on Eindhoven as a city of design, as well as on all the places that you’ll pass along the way.”

Read all about this year’s Hidden Gems on and The cycling tour is organised by Urban Exploring Tours and KOGA bikes. A guided tour group will leave from 18 Septemberplein (within walking distance of Eindhoven Centraal Station) every day at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Tickets are €35 per person and include a bike and refreshments. Get them now at