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Corporates help startups. The ‘Make Next Next Platform’ aims to bring young, innovative, self-creating manufacturing companies in touch with already established manufacturing companies. By sharing technology, knowledge, business experience and best practices with young starting companies initiator.

The ‘Make next Platform’ was founded by ASML, Huisman, Vanderlande and the foundation Stichting Technology Rating. It aims at enhancing collaboration between corporates and startups: “innovative OEMs as the Engine of the economy”.

IMG_20160401_092117Peter Wennink, CEO at ASML announced the new initiative at Nieuwspoort in The Hague. “The Make Next Platform provides the future generation of manufacturing companies with a unique opportunity to gain access to the networks, knowledge and expertise of leading Dutch companies ASML, Huisman, Vanderlande and the foundation Stichting Technology Rating.”

StartupDelta is very happy with the initiative. Neelie Kroes on her blog: “Peter is one of our members of the International Circle of Influencers. A great opportunity and example of cooperation between corporates and startups. Not only for the region, but for the Netherlands as a whole. The areas Eindhoven, Aken and Leuven have one of the most excellent and powerful networks of technology stakeholders in the world. This platform will make use of that exceptional quality and assist emerging companies to scale up within that network. If other countries in Europe aim for the next Google, we let them dream on. We aim for the next ASML.”

Within the listed actions of StartupDelta there is a parallel to be drawn, says Kroes. “Decreasing the gap between corporates and startups in the Dutch ecosystem. Initiatives from corporate companies like ASML are met with great enthusiasm from StartupDelta, which vouches for a vaster network and sharing of knowledge between corporates and startups.”

In addition to providing the means for enhancing collaboration between startups and corporates the platform will also provide the coaching of young innovative manufacturers in order to help them become global players. The Platform aims to contribute to strengthening the ecosystem of the Dutch manufacturing industry, which is considered vital to our economy. In this way, the Platform aims to act as a virtual accelerator and to contribute to strengthening the ecosystem of the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands.