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It has already been pointed out many times: essentially, a pandemic like corona, should be a great opportunity to address problems on a global scale. The opposite seems to be the case. And while the virus does not respect national borders, the response to it is different everywhere. From being ultra-restrictive to ‘’let it rip.’ . For more on this, see the website Our world in data.

Are there any people at all in government ministries of health who are looking with an open mind at best practices in other countries? Or are governments so fearful of being perceived as supporters of a Klaus Schwab-led world government that they want to reinvent the wheel every time?

Innovation Origins is not paid for by Schwab or George Soros (should they like to make a donation though, like our most loyal fans do, here is our account number😜), but it does aim to inform readers around the world about innovations that can help to make the world a better place. Not only when it comes to combating corona but also, say, in the field of more sustainable construction, we can learn from neighboring countries, such as Belgium. We do that so out of the conviction that people will ultimately want to learn from the innovations of others and not continue to hide behind their own stubbornness.

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