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All over the world, people are trying to cope with times of Corona. Everybody tries to survive it, some try to fight it and others are looking for ways to help the ones in that need this most. Every day, new examples can be found of people using their own skills and expertise to bring the world a bit closer to a solution. Or, in the meantime, make the best of it the situation we found us in.

In the latter category are the many organisations that are pushing their activities from offline to online, in an attempt to open it up for as many people as possible. One of those: Holland Innovative, a project management and training organisation in the field of high tech engineering, reliability and data science. CEO Hans Meeske: “As a result of the current corona situation we decided to immediately go fully digital, remote, with a form of live online interactive training.”

To be honest, going digital is not a step only caused by the coronavirus, Meeske adds. “We continuously are investigating ways to improve and innovate on learning and development methodology. The fundament of our training has always been the combination of practice, interactions and accelerating the learning curve of our participants and customers. That’s why we investigate in user groups, challenge-based learning, digital learning environments and other ways to innovate in talent development.”

So now, the two things came together. Meeske: “The health of our participants, trainers and all professionals is utmost important. That’s why we decided to go 100% digital right away; we expanded our business to 3 digital offices, well equipped and already fully operational. So, we can offer our training online, but there’s even more. We’re also preparing free seminar sessions starting soon, together with some partners.”

The first training sessions were given last week. “Of course, this is a big change for participants as well as for the trainers. To both, we ask to step out of their comfort zone, together we need to find out how to be as successful as possible. But all in all, we’re quite happy with the results; it’s all very promising.”

Meeske hopes that society will learn from the current situation. “It’s all very serious, but this is also an opportunity for a new way of working. I am convinced that our life after the corona period will definitely be different from the period before. I believe this can change our life, but only if we take action right now. There’s no reason to wait.”

Hans Meeske