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The parking garage at Eindhoven Airport, which partially collapsed on 27 May 2017 (before being used), will soon be demolished and rebuilt. “The choice of demolition and new construction was the most realistic option”, says a spokesman for the airport.

The demolition will start immediately after the new year, in order to enable construction company BAM – also responsible for the collapsed parking garage – to start building the new garage in April. The delivery is scheduled for early June 2019.

After demolition work, the safety zone can be removed. This means that after demolition at the beginning of April, the Luchthavenweg will be normally accessible and the temporary car park P1 can be put into use, as it was earlier during the construction period of the car park. The accessibility of the Eindhoven Airport business park and the airport will, from then on, be normal again.

The parties involved are still in consultation about the liability for the collapsed garage.