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Ever had the idea to make something with electronics, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so, or you just didn’t feel like learning it all? Ward Seetsen claims to have the solution for those people. CircuitsMaster, his graduation project at the Technical University Eindhoven, should even enable the biggest layman to finish an electronics project correctly.

With a campaign on Kickstarter, Seetsen hopes to develop the Circuitsmaster into a real company. The operation is simple: through a web tool, the users answer some questions about the goals of the projects to be built and then CircuitsMaster gives the required parts and the exact construction schedule.


A ‘wordpress for electronics’, is what Seetsen calls his application: “The focus of CircuitsMaster is to enable everyone to do projects with electronics. You can get started right away with CircuitsMaster, even if you’re not an engineer.  Instruct Circuitsmaster visually what the electronics should do, without programming or designing circuits. And you will receive the full circuit you need, with all the instructions to make it. Before you know it, you will have built your first electronics projects.”

According to Seetsen, a project is built 95% faster with his idea and the chances of success are 68% higher. Participation in the project through Kickstarter is possible until July 9th. Seetsen wants to collect 4000 euros for parts and the hours that need to be paid to a web engineer and a visual designer. He hopes to have a working product in October.

Zo werkt CircuitsMaster

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More videos and instructions on the Kickstarter page