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Coen Claassen, Senior Designer at VanBerlo, and Martijn Baller, System Architect at VanBerlo, are visiting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In a daily diary they share their vision and their experiences at the world’s biggest gathering place of innovative products. Today: part 1, by Martijn Baller.

Martijn Baller
Martijn Baller

Today we are heading to Las Vegas for CES 2017! This time travelling with Coen Claassen, ready to be surprised by all the new ground-breaking innovations, inventions and entertaining gadgets. We are enthusiastic to keep you updated on our experiences, so we’ll be posting an update every day!

We were blown away last year and look forward to seeing how technology has developed. Many rumours and pre-announcements are already circulating online, but pictures online don’t tell the full story. Holding and using the product is the real experience!

Last year we had quite a few questions raised looking at startups, technologies and development of big companies. Perhaps this time we may already have some answers.

Will there be some kind of standardization in low power wireless connections for the IoT? Leveraging the power of a network of devices. Instead of a single device with smartphone app as standalone ecosystem. Perhaps we will see LORA, which we are currently experimenting with in our studio; or will Z-Wave, Thread or ZigBee gain momentum?

Autonomous driving and electric cars was huge last year, with many non-typical companies investing in the area heavily. Faraday Future is now showing their production car and we hope to see interesting new car UI’s. We are especially looking forward to seeing all the new ideas from start-ups. 30 Dutch start-ups are attending this year’s event, it will be interesting to see how they are doing compared to the international competition. And of course, what can we expect from last year’s outstanding highlight, WonderWoof 🙂

Time to board! Be on the lookout for more news tomorrow!

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